Monday, December 24, 2007

Pamela (Hunsicker) Stadler

Dear Leslie,

I feel left out of your I was the first hired cook along with my cousin Kimberly the first year your Mother and Father took over the running of the Lodge from your grandparents. We gave your mother her first baby shower at the Lodge when she found out she was pregnant with you...we helped her through her "night sickness" instead of "morning sickness". Then the third year I worked as one of the cooks with my friend Carla, I changed your diapers all summer long and fed you your bottles. Granted you don't remember that, but I did get to watch you grow up for several summers until I lived too far away to come to the Lodge in the summertime. I had been coming to the upper Rock Creek campground and to the Lodge since I was 5 years. I met my husband at Rock Creek in front of the fireplace in the Lodge...he was the cook at the Pack Station. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in Feb. and owe it all to Rock Creek and Marge London who for years had been hoping to set one of her employees up with either my sister or me.

Pamela (Hunsicker) Stadler

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