Sunday, September 20, 2015

Look Who We Found

Anyone recognize this gentleman on the left? He worked at the Lodge for two summers, 1973 and '74. We recently heard where he's living these days, so of course the senior Robys showed up on his doorstep unannounced. Fortunately, he has the same fond memories of his time at Rock Creek as the rest of us. So who is he? Tom Walsh! I asked if he'd mind sharing a bit about his life since then...

"I now have young men and women working for me (around the same age as I was at your Lodge) and I think how young I was! As I'm sure is true for most everyone, time has mellowed and changed me to some extent."

"I was working at the Lodge between HS and my first year of college, and then the summer between my 1st and 2nd years at college. I originally attended Humboldt Sate Univ, but knew in my heart that I wanted to be involved with aviation and Aerospace in some fashion. I transferred to San Jose State Univ where I finished a BS in Aeronautical Operations, and went to work for a commercial land developer as his pilot. That was short lived due to mortgage rates going through the roof at that time and wanting to stay somehow connected to aviation, went to work for Lockheed Corp. I worked for Lockheed for 20 years! I was involved with the launching and operation of most of our nation's classified satellites. After leaving Lockheed, I went to work in Silicon Valley for a few start ups and did some consulting for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories."

"Since college I had learned to love coffee and roasting coffee at home has been a hobby for most of those years. I finally left the Hi-Tech industries and opened a Coffee Roastery in Cambria. I have been doing this now for 9 years, and I absolutely love it."

Thanks, Tom, for sharing your story. So fun to reconnect with you!