Saturday, August 27, 2011


I think anyone who spent time at Rock Creek as a child remembers playing with the ground squirrels. Well, Jim Bull shared this story, with photos...

"One of the years we were up, I was bored and fascinated by the number of ground squirrels digging everything up all over the place, so I set up a trap near the shower house and caught a pair of them in short order, then built a box with the help of Ron Clark and somebody on staff, to take them back south to Claremont, where they lived for about 2 years. Only problem was they did not hibernate as was their normal process and eventually died from the heat or something else."

In front of Cabin 7

At home in Claremont

And what a great Rock Creek kind of mom!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Bull Family Photos: Early 1960s

I was thrilled to find another message in my inbox with photos from Jim Bull, Jr. More iconic images from the early 1960s! The last photo Jim sent was of his brother Ben, his mother Libby, and Jim sitting in front of the store. Now we get to meet the photographer, Jim Bull, Sr. Here we have my dad Kib, Jim Jr., Ben, and their dad Jim Bull, Sr.:

And what was always one of the most fun events at the Lodge? Fish truck day! I can't tell you how many people still talk about how much fun they had riding the truck, carrying the sloshing buckets, or watching the fish stream from the truck into the pool near the upper bridge.

The man standing on the truck in this image is Charlie McNeil, and that's my dad again in the plaid shirt to the right of it. Libby and Ben Bull are on the far right in front of the Lobby. Does anyone know who the others might be? (Click on the photo to see it full-size.)

Here's much of the same crowd at the dumping spot:

A huge thanks to Jim for sending these along - they made my day. There are details I had completely forgotten about. Remember the red box on the porch of the lobby? It held Forest Service tools (axes, etc.) at the ready in case of fire. And who remembers the banner across the road? My parents did not!