Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jim Brumfield, Packer & Author

Many people who had contact with Rock Creek Pack Station during their time at Rock Creek may recall a packer named Jim Brumfield. He started working there in 1979, and he's still packing! He's also a published author. Here's a bit about Jim and his many talents:

James McNay Brumfield resides on a ranch in the Monterey Bay area and divides his time between writing, training horses and mules, and working as a professional packer and mountain guide for Rock Creek Pack Station located in the Eastern Sierras. He has guided trips for over 25 years, and has traveled the High Sierra back country from Sonora Pass in the north, to the Forks of the Kern in the south—a distance of over 300 miles as the crow flies. Brumfield is also five time World Champion Packer at Bishop Mule days and a member of numerous World Champion pack teams. In 2002 he trained and rode World Champion Green Cow Working Mule Lil' Joe, owned by Mrs. Aleta London. Jim's mountain heritage runs deep. He is a 6th generation Californian, a direct descendent of Captain John Jordan who led a wagon train of emigrants to California from Brazos, Texas in 1850. Captain Jordan also blazed one of the early trails across the High Sierra, the Jordan trail, and was probably the first white man to see a Golden Trout. John Jordan drowned in the Kern River in 1862.

Jim has two books in publication right now, and I can personally recommend both of them as being difficult to put down. Reading Across the High Lonesome is like being on the trail with him. You may even recognize some of the personalities. Check out the Web site for his publishing company, Tres Picos Press. You'll find a lot of wonderful photos of the Sierras in addition to information about his books.

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  1. Hey old man! Glad to see you are doing well!

    Jeff Smith
    Aalborg, Denmark


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