Monday, December 24, 2007

A note from Susie (Lawton) Reynolds

Golly, Rock Creek...Spent the better part of my summers there. (Your Dad [Kib] was 7 and I was 4 the first year - about 1950!!)...Continued to go every summer for the next 40+ years.....Jim [Roby] once tossed me in the water.....They let me "be the first" in the row boat they built: They pushed me off into the pond and the boat sunk! I spent the rest of the summer trying to catch them....Tom [Roby] was sooo cute - a YOUNGER MAN...Martha [Roby] was always so nice....Charlie [McNeil] ran the store and was such a darling - gave me the name of "Hot Lips" and my cousin, MaryAnn (who died in 2004), "Poopsie". Remember the dogs that would scatter the planted fish - Rocky-the-Lab was a wonderful dog - so sweet with the kids who would climb all over him. Your grandparents were always so nice to everyone. The Lake store with the BEST hamburgers and PIE!!! Ice cream bars in the afternoon. My grandparents always camped at the the same spot for up-teen years! I remember when your parents got married...and when you [Leslie] were just a babe in arms!!

Fishing with my grandfather on the big rock near the store. Driving that last 7 miles in the back of a bouncy station wagon when my grandfather used to stop every few 100 feet to chop a log that was blocking the road...or crossing a stream that obscured the road...or, worse, moving a boulder that had blocked our super-highway then...and he was pretty close to the first one after the snow started to leave. Monopoly games in the lodge when it was too cold, or rainy, to be outside. The smell of the pine trees...and the allergies which followed...and the clearest-best-tasting water EVER!! My grandmother making baked goods over an open camp fire...ah, pioneer stock! Watching my mother cast a line at the smooooth...and she always caught more fish than anyone.

Kib-the-elder taught me to build a fire...a talent which serves me to this very day. The showers at the lodge...the thinnest towels in the world!!!!! Cabin 8 which was my father's FAVORITE!!!! He loved to fall asleep with the sound of water in the background. I hated the trips to the outhouse in the middle of the night...flashlight in hand. Spreading a blanket on the meadow grass at night and watching the stars. Laughing at your mother [Shirley] trying to figure out how to multiply recipes for 8 or divide recipes for 50.

Susie (Lawton) Reynolds

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