Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kathy Ripley (late 1980s)

The things that come to mind are definitely the people/ characters that were there when I worked and the ones who came to stay or visit whom I was able to meet. The fact that we all share in the experience of simply being there and having wonderful memories that will always be a part of us, regardless of how different the memories may be for each person...vivid memories of the area...the Lower Corral and just "being" with the horses and mules, Miner's Pond, the clear ponds above the Pack Station, Tom's Place...the sense of "family" each summer with whoever you were working with that year...the many lessons learned!

My husband Jeff and I have been to Mammoth a couple times with the kids, and always go up Rock Creek canyon. My kids have seen the lodge and heard many kid-appropriate stories. They absolutely love the area, too, and are always asking when we're going back.

Kathy (Ripley) Robasciotti

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