Saturday, August 11, 2012

Robys at Rock Creek

Recognize this?

Yep, that's Kib and Shirley about to arrive at Big Tire. They were spending a week in Mammoth, so I joined them for a few days. Naturally, we had to do a bit of "hiking" at Rock Creek, followed by pie. The walk around the pond was as nice as it always is... lots of wildflowers blooming and absolute peace and quiet.


tiger lily
We also walked around Convict Lake; I can't believe how turquoise blue that water is!

The highlights of the trip were a brief visit with Christine Ferrara Engel and dinner out with the entire Von Rohr family. What a treat to see such great old friends. Sorry there are no photos to share; we were too busy yakking to think of getting out the cameras.

I do have a bit more to share from the visit, but that will be another post...

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