Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1961 Brochure

My mom recently sent me a (slightly damaged) RCL brochure from 1961. I have a few older ones from my parents' days of running the lodge, but had not seen one from my grandparents' time. Looking at the photos more closely, I realized that they were taken by my great-grandmother. I had always assumed they were provided by a professional photographer, but now recognize them as hers since I've been poking around in family photo albums.

As you can see, the brochure was originally a tri-fold. Later, abbreviated editions lost the interior photos, but the one on the cover remained the same, just cut in half. Note the photo of the lodge before the store was added, and my dad and his siblings with their donkey. I will take this opportunity to publicly note that although I tried many methods of persuasion throughout the years, my dad never allowed ME to have a donkey. So unfair!

Anyway, here's the 1961 brochure and one from our final years for comparison. If you click on the images, you can view them full-size. 

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